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Atlays On Demand
De quelques jours par mois à plusieurs jours par semaine, les directeurs à temps partagé d’Atlays apportent aux PME, ETI et Startup des compétences de direction de haut niveau en fonction de leurs besoins réels, à un coût compétitif, sans engagement de durée ni frais récurrents.
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Atlays On Demand : Time-Shared Executives by Atlays.

Atlays time-shared managers take on executive roles in the finance, marketing, human resources and sales departments of your company, on a short term or occasional basis.

Atlays time-shared executives offer highly-skilled leadership to SMEs, mid-market companies and startups, whether for a couple of days per month or a few days per week. Our services are competitively priced, require no long-term commitment and involve no recurring costs.

All of our experienced managers have held senior executive positions or have served on management committees, and now share their skills and experience in interim leadership roles.

Atlays On Demand brings together a variety of experts, who collaborate to address wide-ranging issues that are beyond the scope of any one professional.

This allows business leaders to create a team that’s a perfect fit for their exact situation and needs.

Atlays experts are also called upon by investors to audit potential acquisitions, applying their extensive practical experience to these evaluations.











Who can benefit from time-shared executive services?

Atlays On Demand’s time-shared executive services are ideal for leaders of SMEs or mid-market companies, as well as heads of start-ups financed by investment funds, who don’t have the need or the resources to hire full-time executives to perform the usual functions of a management committee.

Our service gives them the opportunity to work with high-level professionals who can provide the core competencies they need to cost-effectively structure their business or reach a major milestone.

A time-shared service is also ideal for investors looking for outside experts to audit companies they are considering investing in, or to oversee the development of companies they have already funded.

What are the benefits of using a time-shared executive service?

The Atlays On Demand time-shared executive services offers many benefits :

  • Cost management : You work with professionals that have the exact skillset that you need, for the duration that you require. Services are billed based on time actually spent on the project.
  • You’re sure to be working with highly-skilled experts, as all of our professionals have held executive positions or been members of management committees.
  • Made-to-measure services provide a great deal of flexibility and freedom.You choose the frequency and duration of our services.You’re also free to stop your collaboration with our professionals at any time.
  • Experienced professionals working together to tackle complex issues.Working with time-shared executives allows you to create a task force made up of multiple professionals, each an expert in their respective fields, for the exact amount of time that you need.
  • All of our time-shared executives are highly-qualified and experts in their field. As forerunners of time-shared executive services, Atlays has successfully collaborated with more than 100 businesses of all sizes, across all industries
How is your service different from interim management or consulting solutions?

Atlays designs truly customized solutions that address your business’s most pressing needs.

Instead of one person working full-time for your company, each of our time-shared executives can offer their unique know-how and expertise, whether in finance, marketing, HR or other fields.

This flexible and highly-productive solution lets you work with each professional for the amount of time that you require, while other experts with complementary skillsets are available to help with other aspects of the project.

Another key difference is that all of the time-shared executives at Atlays are part of a team that shares comprehensive understanding of each other’s skills and strengths. Their teamwork and synergy ensures dedicated, efficient collaboration on your project.

To better understand our philosophy, click below:

When should I hire a time-shared executive director?

There are many different circumstances where a company could benefit from a time-shared executive, and these are often specific to each company. 

Some projects that a time-shared executive can assist with include : 

  • Business Structuring :
    • Budget, reporting
    • Board management
    • Processes, procedures
    • Hiring, organization
    • Business plans
    • Positioning and marketing plans
    • Go to market strategies
  • Growth :
    • Visibility and communications
    • Business development
    • E-commerce & CRM
    • Digital transformation
    • Expanding your business internationally
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Fundraising
  • Optimization :
    • Data analysis
    • Improving business practices
    • Cost control
    • Treasury management
    • Planning and developing the business ecosystem
What areas of expertise do you specialize in?

Experienced professionals at Atlays On Demand can fulfill your business’s core support functions:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing & digital strategy
  • Sales
  • Executive management
How much does an interim executive service cost ?

Atlays on Demand’s time-shared executive service gives you access to a team of experts, able to efficiently handle a variety of key issues, for less than the salary of a full-time permanent employee. This is because you work with our experienced professionals for the length of time that you need, or for the number of days per week or per month that works best for your company.

All of Atlays on Demand’s services are billed for time actually spent on the project, based on a daily rate. Our teams frequently work in pairs that include an executive and a manager. This structure lets you access the expertise you need in a cost-effective manner that is perfectly adapted to the needs and context of your business.

Moreover, Atlays does not require a specific time commitment : you can pause or cancel the service at any time.

What are Atlays time-shared executives' areas of expertise ?

Thanks to the combined experience of all of our time-shared executives, who have worked with over 100 businesses since our company’s inception, Atlays is able to provide pertinent and effective assistance to businesses in any market.

We have particularly extensive experience working with companies in the following sectors: e-commerce, industry, mass market retail, textile, software, insurance, B2B services, services to individuals, media, and biotech.