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ATLAYS | Direction marketing à temps partagé
Chaque dirigeant d’entreprise se trouve confronté, à un moment donné, au besoin de disposer de compétences marketing de haut niveau pour se positionner sur le marché ou mettre en place une stratégie marketing
Direction marketing à temps partagé, direction marketing à temps partiel, outsourcing direction marketing, directeur marketing
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Atlays Search : Secure your recruitments

Atlays Search efficiently finds the profiles by placing identified candidates in almost real-life situations.

A combination of an HR expert and a professionnal expert with ten to fifteen years of experience systematically assesses both the candidates’ know-how and soft skills in work situations.

Thanks to this HR/Professional duo and targeted scenarios, Atlays Search shows its difference and strong added value compared to traditional headhunting firms.

In-depth understanding of the Client

Close proximity to managers

Real life situation to assess professional skills

Recruitment in duo

Atlays’ expertises support

Tailored recruitement

Business sectors and profiles sought after

Since 2015, more than 200 recruitments have been made in the Digital, IT, Services and Industry sectors.

Atlays Search’s teams recruit in particular the following positions:

  • General Management
  • Sales: VP Sales, Sales Manager, Area Manager, Sales Administration Manager, Key Account Manager, Sedentary Sales Representative, etc.
  • Finance: CFO, Finance Manager, Accountant, Controller, etc.
  • Marketing: Marketing Director, Product Manager, Communication Manager, Digital Manager
  • HR: HR Director, HR Manager, HR Officer
Candidates sourcing and hunting

Atlays Search has a recognized reputation among candidates. Our job offers are published on the main recruitment sites.  We also use more specific tools depending on the sectors of activity or professions to be recruited.
We also operate through direct approaches, either by using professional social networks or by relying on our pool of candidates.

Real life situations

Qualified candidates are received by the HR consultant and a professional expert (Sales Director, CFO, Marketing Director, Production Director depending on the position to be filled) to assess their ability to perform the job and to integrate into the company. This face-to-face meeting is punctuated by concrete tests anchored in the business.

For example, for a candidate who apply for the position of Sales Director :

  • Present the offers she or he sales.
  • Simulate a business review.
  • Detail its management, reporting and closing methods.
  •  ….