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ATLAYS | Atlays Executive : le management de transition par Atlays
Atlays Executive met à votre disposition une direction générale de transition composée d’un Directeur Général de transition à même de prendre un mandat et de piloter l’entreprise et de directeurs métiers de transition qui apportent des solutions concrètes.
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Each business has its own unique needs and goals for working with a transition manager. We custom-design our services to suit the needs and resources of each company, based on their current circumstances and the company’s size or scale.

Atlays Executive gives you access to a made-to-measure management team, including an executive director who can take on the responsibility of managing the company and, depending on the context, an interim task force made up of experts in human resources, finance, marketing and sales, who can provide concrete solutions to any challenges these departments may be facing.

Your company is not limited to working with a single person – you also have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of skilled professionals, available anytime, for only the time necessary for your project. Having access to an ad hoc executive management team makes a big difference in challenging circumstances.

Atlays Executive has also developed a wide palette of sectoral expertise, thanks to our experienced professionals, all of whom have held executive roles or been members of management committees. An Atlays Executive director not only calls upon their own experience, but also that of their peers, when making decisions and implementing strategies.


Expert support for key functions


Leadership in executive and management roles


Crisis management experience


Extensive sectoral expertise

Collaboration-based solutions

Made-to-measure services

Business transformation and optimization

A business leader can rarely address all of the issues related to accelerated growth or extensive transformation alone. This can be because he or she cannot personally oversee every issue, or because his or her experience is mostly centered around specific elements. A transition executive director and a task force of experts from Atlays Executive can assist with many different aspects of your business:

  • Administration, finance and operations;
  • Implementing a transformation or optimization plan, including mergers, acquisitions, international expansion (opening branches), and the digitization of a task or role;
  • Managing a new project : Implementation of an ERP, internal process redesign, reorganization, etc.

Business case : In an architectural firm, the founding architect sought the services of an Atlays Executive director to optimize the management of the firm’s teams and processes. He was looking to collaborate with a peer who could complement his skills and offer a new perspective on decisions he was faced with. Our experienced Atlays Executive directors work alongside business leaders, using their skills and experience to assist the company’s teams and contribute to their development.

Crisis Management

When a business is confronted with a crisis (declining business, decrease in profitability, cash-flow crisis), the problem rarely has only one cause. In many cases, policy, management or operational errors have been committed. With an executive director and a task force of experts, Atlays Executive can help identify and address all causes of the crisis, whether they involve managerial, sales, marketing or financial elements.

Atlays Executive’s services allow your business to :

  • Respond to the resignation of an executive, whatever the context;
  • Bounce back from an economic or financial downturn;
  • Correct unsatisfactory results;
  • Manage disputes and initiate settlement agreements.

Business Case : In a brokerage company in the energy sector, an Atlays Executive director was named President of the company, at the request of the shareholders. He took on this role after a co-founder was dismissed due to mismanagement of funds raised by the company. By collaborating with Atlays executives, experts in marketing and finance, the interim President was able to help restart the company and stabilize its performance, while providing guidance and structure to the company’s current teams, without needing to implement an employment security plan.

Safeguard shareholder investments

Even if a company shows high potential to generate a satisfactory return on their shareholders‘ investments, collaborating with an Atlays Executive allows a company to safeguard funds they have raised, right from the start, by structuring the company’s financial and operational procedures and optimizing its support functions. Working with an expert before raising funds allow the company to improve their key performance indicators, boost its value and facilitate exits.

  • Implement the necessary financial and reporting tools;
  • Evaluate or optimize financial and operational processes, before or after raising funds;
  • Optimize organizational and managerial practices;
  • Enhance sales and marketing skills to boost the company’s development;
  • Gain an in-depth perspective when preparing for the sale of shares

Business Case : An Atlays Executive director was called upon by a fleet management company’s shareholder, an investment fund, to structure the company’s financial operations and implement a reporting system that would provide a clear perspective on the condition of the company, at regular intervals. This solution also included safeguarding cash flow and managing the treasury, to ensure that no serious financial management errors would be committed after the funds were raised.

Taking on leadership roles

Our interim executives often take on executive leadership roles when a company is undergoing a significant transformation, upon request from the company’s founders or shareholders.

A company might need help developing or organizing its business activities or addressing periodic or structural challenges, they may be facing a crisis situation or a turnaround, or assistance may be requested by the company’s investors.

  • Act as an interim replacement in the case where a president is dismissed by the company’s shareholders.
  • Overcome a serious management crisis and provide guidance and assistance to the company’s teams, allowing them to continue developing the company.
  • Gain a new perspective via an executive director who can help address complex situations in rapidly-changing environments, in early-stage markets.
  • Immediately take on all the responsibilities of the executive committee, assuming executive roles when circumstances require it.

Business case : The president of an intermediation company in the energy sector was dismissed by the company’s shareholders, and was immediately replaced, upon request from the investment fund shareholders, by an executive director from Atlays Executive. This allowed the company to stop their significant financial drain, and provided leadership to the junior operational team that had been left on their own, helping them get back to work and implement an action plan, notably for web marketing related to the company turnaround. In 7 months, this company, which had been in a severe deficit, was breaking even.