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Atlays accompagne les PME de croissance dans leur développement en proposant la direction à temps partagé des fonctions clés : Finance, Marketing, Ressources Humaines et Smart Data.
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Atlays works in providing, on a time-sharing basis, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Data Management services for companies

From a few days per month to a few days per week, Atlays allows small and medium businesses to access high-level management skills according to their actual needs, at a competitive price, with no recurring charges.

The service is operated by experienced managers, all of whom have been managing directors or board members, and who distribute their working time among several companies.

Investors also entrust auditing assignments to Atlays so that it may assess potential hires and benefit from its field experience in diagnostics.


To structure or develop themselves, many small and medium businesses need a financial director. However, they often do not have the means to hire someone to work in this position full time.
This is why Atlays managers assume, on a time-sharing basis, the role of financial director, thus providing their needed high-level skills.
From the implementation of Reporting tools to the management of Cash flow, including the construction of your business plan or the search for funds (subsidies, fundraising, IPOs, etc.), the financial directors at Atlays can support you on even the most challenging financial matters.


Whether your goal is to position yourself in the market or to implement a marketing strategy, every managing director of a company is sometimes faced with the need to employ high-level marketing skills.

These skills allow business managers to define their marketing mix better and really differentiate themselves from the competition by providing real benefits to their customers. In-depth custom analysis of the market will also enable them to identify and take advantage of new development opportunities.

Human resources

Any company, during its development, must quickly face significant human issues.

Atlays directors and managers take care of managing your Human Resources on a time-sharing basis and thus enable you to address the main areas of managing your human capital: recruiting, education, retention, salary policy, etc.
Atlays Human Resources directors can also support you in regulatory areas, such as organising staff representation.


This is a crucial function in any organization, which is represented by several key experts: the business manager, the e-commerce manager, the partnership manager, the sales manager, etc. The Business Manager plays a strategic role in organizations.

In order to structure or optimize a business organization suited to the ambitions of its manager and to the performance stakes of the shareholders, a company can never have too much high-level expertise to help it accelerate its growth.


The Atlays Data Division can be integrated into your company to find, at your side, tailored solutions specific to your business questions.
Among other things, we can simulate business model scenarios or support you in managing your performance.

The implementation of custom data models will enable you to gain a better understanding of your operations and your Business Optimisation levers.


To change strategies and manage change, to remedy management errors, to take charge of the transfer of the company or orchestrate the relocation of a subsidiary, it may be necessary to change the general management.

Atlays can provide a General Manager to shareholders for a temporary assignment.

This General Manager will not work alone like a classic change manager: he may freely rely on the skills of Atlays experts in Finance, Marketing, HR, Data and Sales. In this way, he can provide added value to the company and its shareholders in an environment of trust and proximity.

they trust us

My company’s needs don’t require hiring a full-time financial director. But I need a high-level resource, a few days per month, to produce and present reports to my shareholders and prepare my board meetings.”

Managing Director

“After some successful fundraising, we have over 10 positions to be filled.

But it’s not easy to accurately define all the sheets for positions and hire the best candidates.

For this, I would really need an HR director!

Managing Director

“After some successful fundraising, we have over 10 positions to be filled.

But it’s not easy to accurately define all the sheets for positions and hire the best candidates.

For this, I would really need an HR director!


“Until now, I managed marketing operations myself. But the company has grown and I’m reaching the limits of my expertise:

  • How to better position my offer on the market?
  • How to set up communication campaigns?

However, I’m not ready to hire a full-time marketing director.”

Managing director

In many of our assignments, there is a significant business lever to identify market opportunities.

“This is why we recommend that managing directors get support from external marketing experts.”