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ATLAYS | Direction financière à temps partagé
Les managers d’Atlays assument, à temps partagé, la fonction de directeur financier et apportent ainsi, à coût raisonnable, les compétences de haut niveau nécessaires.
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Finance Management

To structure or develop themselves, many small and medium businesses need a financial director. However, they often do not have the means to hire a full-time Director of Administration and Finance.

This is why Atlays managers assume the function of financial director from a few days per month to a few days per week, thus contributing their needed high-level skills at a reasonable price.

Their experience enables them to understand the issues quickly, to get involved at the side of managing directors and to act appropriately towards different financial partners, such as investors.


Over 60 companies supported


The trust of investment funds


Several IPO’s


35 financial structuring projects

Solid budget, reporting and cash forecasting  methods

Mastery f accounting / financial ERP

Budget, Reporting, Accounting ans cash flow forecasting


Thanks to its team made up of finance experts, an auditor and an accounting expert, Atlays financial management produces essential tools to control the operations of the company and clearly communicate with shareholders and third parties.

In compliance with accounting rules in force, it provides the following services to companies or consolidated groups:

  • The preparation of the budget, the provisional cash flow forecast, reporting
  • A definition of the procedures for accounting income and expenses, the closure calendar, management within the framework of a group and the formation of internal teams
  • The management of account closing processes in conjunction with the auditor
  • The management of the relationship with auditors
  • The implementation of fine management and cost control tools
  • The definition of procedures and the implementation of the necessary tools to ensure that management and control are optimised with client and supplier cycles
  • Support for the managing director and his or her team regarding the opportunity to implement ERP


The Business Plan is a major tool that must be absolutely clear to management and consistent with the historical profits of the company, without having to adhere to the accounting methods used in its formation.

Atlays Financial Management is capable of building a Business Plan quickly, implementing an exclusive and effective model with credibility thanks to its years of experience.

It enables managing directors, shareholders and management:

  • To obtain crucial visibility regarding the strategy and the upcoming results
  • To anticipate financing or refinancing needs and prepare as well as possible thanks to the integration of a cash flow model that provides profit forecasts

Our marketing management services on a time-sharing basis can support you upstream so you can define your strategic plan and your market opportunities.



We have developed solid expertise on the matters related to obtaining financing from all key bodies, especially:

  • Fund or debt raising
  • Obtaining public or para-public subsidies or repayable advances
  • Implementing leasing or factoring contracts

We have excellent relationships with various investment funds, due to our effectiveness and credibility, built over many years.

We are capable of providing finance solutions by offering:

  • Management support in all negotiations
  • The preparation of negotiation bases and supports
  • Deciding on a valuation
  • Making recommendations regarding the financial and legal conditions of any type of operations

Structuring financial management is one of the keys to the performance of a company over the long term. Atlays is regularly approached to support this Financial Management role, especially to:

  • Organise financial management and recruitment
    Atlays managers take care of organising and structuring your financial division. They take care of defining, through time, the hiring needs of financial departments, managing the process and calendar for all types of positions (from the position of assistant up to that of financial director) as well as the integration of new hires.
  • Participate in meetings of the board of directors
    Thanks to the implementation of effective budgeting and reporting tools, the Atlays financial director establishes a relationship of trust between management and the board of administration, while assuming and defending the strategic directions taken. He thus meets the expectations of shareholders through upstream communication, along with transparency and clarity of the information presented by management. According to the wishes of managing directors, he can contribute solely to the preparation of meetings of the board or participate fully as administrative and financial director of the company.
  • Provide legal monitoring services
    Atlays is capable of providing legal monitoring services by taking part in the basic tasks (drafting or re-reading minutes, controlling the quality of judicial files, controlling and updating the capitalisation table, applying shareholders’ agreements, etc.). We also work on the legal monitoring of financial operations and complex legal questions by contributing significant value added to operations while providing a connection with law firms.
  • Structure a group (open subsidiaries, inter-company flows and tax optimisation)
    Atlays is capable of handling, upstream and then with lawyers, all types of contractual flows or intra-group transfer flows, while deciding on a tax optimisation scheme working in collaboration with a law firm specialising in tax law.


Atlays is regularly approached by investment funds in order to complete acquisition audits or for merger and even integration operations.

In this sense, we are capable of:

  • Taking part in a merger or company buy-out in order to evaluate the suitability of the operations
  • Performing an acquisition audit, focusing on specific recommendations
  • Leading or participating in negotiations
  • Ensuring the financial effectiveness of the integration and the proper implementation of synergies with the acquired or merged company
  • Managing or participating in the preparation of a sale or refinancing process to establish all the necessary documentation (teaser, memorandum of information, business plan, data room, etc.) and supporting management in their road shows

Preparing or deciding on a valuation and making recommendations regarding the legal and financial terms of any type of operations