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ATLAYS | General Management
Atlays accompagne les PME de croissance dans leur développement en proposant la direction à temps partagé des fonctions clés : Finance, Marketing, Ressources Humaines et Smart Data.
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To change strategies and manage change, to remedy management errors, to take charge of the transfer of the company or orchestrate the relocation of a subsidiary, it may be necessary to change the general management.

Atlays can provide a General Manager to shareholders for a temporary assignment.

This General Manager will not work alone like a classic change manager: he may freely rely on the skills of Atlays experts in Finance, Marketing, HR, Data and Sales. In this way, he can provide added value to the company and its shareholders in an environment of trust and proximity.

An experienced manager

Support from experts in key functions


Investor confidence


A strong finance & administration dimension

Proven methods of change management


Experience in crisis situations

General Management in change management

Whenever a company needs to implement deep strategic changes and that its shareholders want to resort to high-level external competences for a limited time in order to do so, Atlays can provide them with a General Change Manager. In particular, this Manager may:

  • Temporarily replace the manager of the company;
  • Carry out a merger or a change in the business model;
  • Recover or (re)structure one of the subsidiaries or a key department.
Support for General Management

In delicate periods in which specific expertise is required, or when the manager of a company needs a helping hand to provide additional competencies, or even to submit decisions to the opinion of a peer before implementing them, it is necessary to call on the support of an experienced manager. An Atlays General Manager can provide experience to:

  • Prepare a fundraising campaign or a strategy for external growth,
  • Provide strong, multidisciplinary resources during a major phase of change,
  • Take part in hiring managers,
  • Set up transversal management processes.
General Crisis Management

In order to restructure companies in difficult situations, an Atlays General Manager has the ability to handle financial emergencies (treasury, bank renegotiations, fundraising, etc.) and corporate crises (team resizing, motivation, etc.). Alternatively, he may rethink the commercial positioning strategy, carry out a systematic analysis of the environment in order to accelerate profit yields, or help in implementing a turnaround plan and even manage this turnaround.
IIn such cases, this involves taking charge of :

  • The legal-financial restructuring of a company in difficulty,
  • Corporate restructuring (Employment Protection Scheme),
  • Strategic coaching and change support,
  • Taking over a company undergoing an asset disposal plan,
  • Managing litigation and implementing transactional agreements,
  • The placement of the company in a receivership or bankrupcty.

To provide an external outlook that is independent of shareholders, the expert delegated by Atlays may, at the company’s request, take on the position of administrator and take part in the Board of Directors. He will thus provide it with his multidisciplinary managerial experience, as well as with access to his professional network and personal connections.
By relying on an Atlays Administrator, the company is guaranteed :

  • that he has no employee relations and has not worked in an executive position (corporate contract manager, administrator of the parent company or a company consolidated by it), and has not been one in the past five years;
  • that he is not or does not represent a substantial shareholder;
  • that he is not or does not significantly represent a commercial partner (client or supplier) or financial partner (business bank or financing bank), stakeholder or consultant;
  • that he has no close affiliation with an important shareholder or member of the management board;
  • that he will operate as a high-level expert who has experience as a manger and who has a track record that allows him to deal with the situation of the company with which he is involved, and for which he has the appropriate reactions and the relevant recommendations.