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Human Resources
Atlays accompagne les PME de croissance dans leur développement en proposant la direction à temps partagé des fonctions clés : Finance, Marketing, Ressources Humaines et Smart Data.
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Human Resources Management

Any company, during its development, must quickly face significant human issues. Atlays can take care of your HR management, from a few days per month to a few days per week, thus enabling you to address the main areas of managing your human capital at a reasonable cost: recruiting, education, retention, salary policy, etc.

Atlays Human Resources directors can also support you in regulatory areas, such as organising the staff representation

Les directeurs Ressources Humaines externalisée d’Atlays vous accompagnent également dans les domaines réglementaires comme l’organisation de la représentation du personnel.



We implement Human Resources management (objectives, organisation, KPIs) and work with you to define the HR strategy in direct connection with the strategy of the company. We place customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and innovation at the heart of human resources policy.

We establish fundamental bases for the development of HR in the company, ensuring compliance with certain basic foundations (e.g. registration of staff, organisational chart, position sheets, updated roles and responsibilities, salary grid, review of contracts, etc.).

Listening to managing directors and employees, we define and implement an HR roadmap.

Examples of intervention:

  • Implementation of HR management in a consulting agency
  • HR audit for a start-up company
  • HR dashboard for a service company


Hiring well within a context of growth is a key factor for success. Atlays managers support you throughout this complex and critical process. We help you to define the recruitment process, identify the positions to be opened, establish attractive position sheets, complete sourcing (head-hunting office, announcements, relationships with schools, co-option policy), train your managers on interview techniques (conducting the interview, assessing candidates, promoting the company, etc.) and, ultimately, help you to make the right decision.

The success of recruiting also lies in the integration of new hires. Where appropriate, we also implement this process.

Examples of intervention:

  • Definition of a recruitment process for a start-up company
  • Challenging the recruitment plan of a consulting agency
  • Implementation of a co-option policy in a service company
  • Recruitment of 4 engineers for a software publisher
  • Recruitment of a Financial Director and a marketing team for e-commerce companies

Retaining employees is as essential as it is complex. There is no magic button to push. You must ensure, at the same time, that each of them feels in place (organise well), progresses in his or her career and skills, feels valued and well paid (salary, incentives, company savings plan, etc.). We should also mention the quality of the work environment and internal communication.

On these different points, we identify the axes and points for improvement and we work hard with your managers and their employees to deploy a management and salary policy that is motivating and effective, focused on specific values such as customer satisfaction, employee well-being, innovation and performance.

Examples of intervention:

  • Implementation of annual interviews and monitoring of employees for a service company with 20 people
  • Implementation of an incentive plan for a 40-employee software publisher
  • Implementation of a corporate social network for a company with 20 employees
  • Coaching of a marketing manager in an industrial company
  • Animation of the internal communication of a service company


As a legal obligation for companies once they reach a certain size, the organisation of staff representation is often experienced as a constraint. Anticipating it represents an opportunity to lay the foundations for a constructive dialogue.

Atlays managers support you in this task, involving staff delegates, the Enterprise Committee and the Occupational Hygiene, Safety and Conditions Committee.
They also support you in organising elections and in managing your relationhip with staff representatives.

Examples of intervention:

  • Organisation of staff delegate elections in a growing start-up company with 9 employees

 Over 300 people hired


Support in regulatory and legal formalities


Expertise in the auditing of small & Medium businesses


Mastery of KPI’s in RH roles


In-depth knowledge of coaching techniques

Proven change management methods