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Chaque dirigeant d’entreprise se trouve confronté, à un moment donné, au besoin de disposer de compétences marketing de haut niveau pour se positionner sur le marché ou mettre en place une stratégie marketing
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Whatever your company’s objectives, marketing is the key to making your business profitable : positioning your product or service within your market, targeting the right prospects with the right media, making sales and developing a regular clientele, etc. These classic marketing activities now take place via both traditional and digital media. 

Thanks to their wide-ranging and extensive marketing experience, Atlays interim marketing managers are able to effectively run both TV advertising campaigns and online lead acquisition campaigns, develop content and CRM strategies, and manage communities.

Working with our interim executives is a cost-effective way to enhance your company’s marketing and digital strategies. Available when you need them and for as long as you need them, our experienced professionals can assist both e-commerce pure players as well as brick-and-mortar businesses who use digital and multi-channel marketing.












How does my company’s market positioning compare to that of my competitors? Is my product range optimized? How should I adjust our offering to differentiate my company and increase sales ?

Starting with an analysis of your company’s competitive position, customer demand, and your company’s offering, your Atlays executive marketing director will use their knowledge and experience to help you develop a specific market position and value proposition that drives sales.

To do this, certain elements must be clearly defined:

  • Customer needs and profile
  • The unique benefits of your offering
  • Material evidence that supports these benefits
  • The mission and values behind your brand’s offering

Examples of services provided:

  • Defining value propositions for a range of online financial services
  • Developing a positioning strategy for a high-end textile brand on the European market
  • Creating a strategy to adjust the value proposition of an online digital entertainment brand
  • Acquisition audit of three fast-moving consumer goods brands for an investment fund.

One of the main roles of a marketing executive is to create a market access strategy that works with the company’s resources and allows them to achieve their sales objectives, and then implement this strategy along with their team.

Atlays interim marketing executives and their experienced teams can provide invaluable assistance to your company at a key stage in its development : the creation of a strategic plan. Based on a time period of your choice (3 to 5 years), this plan includes the following elements:

  • Market trends, competitor action scenarios, “what if” anlaysis, etc.
  • Market quantification, segmentation and evolution
  • Evaluation of the brand or company’s competitive position
  • Business development scenarios
  • Revenue forecasting (volumes, selling prices, market shares)
  • Action plans, prioritization of resources, marketing and sales budgets
  • Analysis focused on specific elements, such as clients, products, geographical areas, etc.

This strategic plan precedes the creation of a business plan / medium-term financial plan, which one of our financial executives can also create for your company, to predict operating results and liquidity plans and evaluate any eventual funding needs.

Your Atlays interim marketing executive will develop your company’s one-year marketing plan, including a short-term analysis, operational objectives, plans for the next 12 to 18 months of marketing activities and the relevant budget forecasts.

Examples of our services :

  • Creating a strategic plan for an online digital entertainment service
  • Process modeling and strategic priority-setting, for a 5-year period and on a global scale, for a fast-moving consumer goods company.
  • Designing a detailed 5-year revenue model for an e-commerce subcontractor
  • Developing a marketing plan for a business unit of a company in the agri-food industry


Many SMEs only have a small marketing department with mainly junior employees. However, as the company grows and faces increasingly complex challenges, they’ll need to reach out to experienced marketing professionals for assistance. Larger companies can sometimes find themselves without a marketing director for a short period of time (due to termination of employment, maternity leave, etc.), and sometimes the marketing director simply has too much work to accomplish alone!

An Atlays interim marketing executive can provide assistance with all aspects of this role, for a few days a month or a few days a week :

  • Managing operations and marketing projects (online and offline communications, product innovation, sales promotions and pricing, sales tools, etc.)
  • Managing the current team, hiring, training, and evaluation.
    Selecting, briefing and managing service providers (such as agencies and market research companies)
  • Collaborating with sales and operations executives
    Analyzing results, designing and maintaining dashboards
  • Forecasting and monitoring budgets, commitments, and deadlines
  • Managing contractual and legal issues
  • Participating in executive committees or the board of directors where applicable.

Examples of services provided :
Marketing management for an e-commerce business (10 people, 8 months)
Marketing management for a distribution network (3 people, 12 months)
Providing coaching for a marketing manager in the industrial sector
Assisting a marketing director with strategic projects in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a pure player in e-commerce or a bricks-and-mortar business looking to increase sales via digital channels, Atlays marketing consultants are available to provide you with comprehensive expert assistance with the various challenges related to online sales transactions :

  • Optimizing customer acquisition strategies
  • Recommending tracking and campaign analysis tools
  • Optimizing the customer journey and experience, as well as conversion rates
  • Merchandising optimization
  • Providing recommendations for margins and selling prices
  • Customer segmentation, CRM programs and all aspects of customer service
  • Customer retention and repeat purchase strategies
  • Content and social selling strategies
  • Multi-channel strategies

Examples of services provided :

  • Optimization of the customer acquisition strategy of an e-commerce site in the energy industry
  • Optimization of the purchase funnel of an e-commerce site in the fashion industry
  • Analysis of the customer journey for an e-commerce site in the field of animal health
  • Segmentation of a customer database for an online furniture and home decor business


Atlays executive marketing directors use their skills and experience to implement all types of communication campaigns and to measure their impact on your key indicators :

  • Preparing briefings and calls for tenders for communication agencies (content creation, public relations, CRM, etc.) and media agencies (media planning, ad space purchasing, digital strategy, etc.)
  • Monitoring and managing ad and content production, from design to publishing
  • Negotiation of quotes and contracts, in compliance with all applicable legislation
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness based on specific quantitative objectives (visibility, image, traffic, volumes, market share, sales revenue, etc.)

Atlays interim marketing directors are also experienced in two key areas, content and social networks :

  • Creating a content strategy: goals, targeting, content for each target group, determining which channels and strategies to use, reporting and calculating ROI.
  • Setting up an editorial calendar, planning content production.
  • Creating a strategy for the development, growth and management of active online communities
  • Developing monetization strategies in the context of these communities
  • Training marketing and sales teams in social selling.

Examples of services provided:

  • Complete implementation of a TV advertising campaign for an online financial services company.
  • Evaluation of the campaign’s effectiveness based on traffic and sales revenue
  • Implementation of a social media strategy for a training company
  • Assisting with the calls for tender, selection and briefing of communications agencies for e-commerce and mass-market consumer goods companies.
  • Online reputation management for a company in the leisure sector.


B2B is a demanding market : the effectiveness of marketing expenditures must be measurable, as it is directly linked to the company’s sales performance.

Your Atlays interim marketing executive offers their expertise in digital marketing channels, which are particularly crucial for B2B businesses, as well as in content strategies that can generate better and more relevant leads. Along with your team, we’ll develop a powerful “marketing machine” based on lead management processes, CRM tools and sales and marketing governance.

  • Align sales and marketing objectives
  • Create annual marketing plans based on these objectives
  • Develop a lead acquisition strategy to generate qualified leads, market segmentation
  • Design a content strategy
  • Establish a lead management process (MQL to SQL)
  • Deployment of CRM tools

Examples of services provided:

  • Positioning and launch of a data analysis tool for a company in the health care field.
  • Implementation of Salesforce and other CRM tools for several different SMEs.
  • Setting up a lead management process for a leader in the training market.
  • Modeling sales scenarios and corresponding tools for a Big Data company.