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Atlays accompagne les PME de croissance dans leur développement en proposant la direction à temps partagé des fonctions clés : Finance, Marketing, Ressources Humaines et Smart Data.
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Atlays represents management that seeks to obtain the means to ensure the growth of operations and the creation of value for its shareholders. This is the reason why shareholders also trust us to support companies in their portfolios.
Discover the commercial companies and investment funds that have trusted Atlays to provide one or several of its services: Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management or Smart Data Management.

  • Made in design
  • No. 1 in France in the online sales of designer furniture and home furnishings

  • Brand Alley
  • Private sales of fashion products, decoration and design of the largest worldwide brands.

  • Cocooncenter
  • Cocooncenter is a leading site in the sale of health and beauty products in France and Europe. Cocooncenter offers one of the largest online sale reference ranges.

  • Vide dressing
  • Videdressing is a community of fashion lovers who meet to sell and buy their beloved pieces. The company offers a real revolution in the way to consume and live fashion.

  • Drimki
  • Online property agency offering a tool for the valuation of assets.

  • Kizoa
  • Services for the creation of slideshows as well as the touch-up, storage and sharing of photos online.

  • Imusic-school
  • First website to offer paid online courses in music, taught by professionals.

  • Hyperassur
  • Online insurance comparison tool aimed at the general public.

  • Recommerce
  • Operator of solutions for the recovery and resale of second-hand goods.

  • Refleximmo
  • Property advertisement portal for individuals and professionals wishing to buy or rent a property.

  • Immo-one
  • Property advertisement portal enabling French property agencies to publish their property portfolios.

  • Paybreaker
  • Paybreaker is a young FinTech company that offers original payment solutions for the e-tourism industry (online travel agencies, airlines, etc.).

  • FioulReduc is the french domestic fuel online marketplace leader.

  • Nutravalia is a company specialized in the design and distribution of food supplements.

  • Isabel Marant
  • Isabel Marant is one of the symbolic figures of this new generation of French designers who is popular among fans of trendy, easy-to-wear clothing lines.

  • Lesieur
  • No. 1 in France in the industry of edible oil for the general public, industry and organisations.

  • Phytomer
  • Phytomer is a pioneer in marine biotechnology that develops and markets cosmetics and high-end body and facial products that are entirely inspired by the sea.

  • Cache Cache
  • A prêt-à-porter brand for women: Tendance at affordable prices. Cache-Cache is one of the flagship brands of Beaumanoir Group.

  • Relais Colis
  • The first parcel-delivery network for individuals at nearby locations and at home as an e-commerce logistics partner.

  • Shigeta
  • Combining technology and traditional expertise of France and Japan, Shigeta offers a comprehensive approach to facial, body and hair care that are recognized and endorsed by a demanding clientele (Sofia Coppola, Isabelle Adjani, John Galliano, etc.)

  • Zanzoon
  • Creator of innovative and intelligent educational toys that stimulate the awareness and curiosity of children.

  • Le Chameau
  • Manufacturer of premium and innovative boots, clothes and shoes for lovers of the countryside.

  • International company in the tile market. Recognized as a sure value in the ceramics market, Cérabati boasts all the qualities of know-how made in France.

  • Airinspace
  • Manufacturing of high-tech air treatment devices for the medical sector and aeronautics.


  • McPhy
  • Specialist in the industrialisation of energy storage systems through hydrogen storage.

  • Balyo
  • Specialist in robotic maintenance solutions for industry and logistics.

  • Sorec Habitat
  • One of the undisputed leaders in the manufacturing of commercial furniture and internal furnishings (complete shops, stands, specific furniture, etc.).

  • Win MS
  • WinMS develops and markets immediate diagnostic tools for aircraft maintenance and a device to monitor cable infrastructures.

  • Movea
  • Movea offers consumer and professional products for the detection of position, orientation and movement in space.

  • Pulssar
  • Established in 2005, Pulssar Technologies manufactures high-precision pumps for medical analysis generally used in the industry of life sciences and, in particular, in-vitro diagnostics.

  • Technofirst
  • Worldwide leader in noise- and vibration-reduction technologies through active control.

  • Xiring
  • Publisher of security solutions for electronic transactions.

  • Air-Lynx to meet the new needs of professional radio offers 4 private G networks dedicated to professional use.

  • ASK
  • ASK develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of cards, tickets, RFID tags, inlays, contactless readers and couplers.

  • EXID
  • EXID Concept & Développement is a young Bretonne company that designs and manufactures innovative mobility systems.

  • An innovative biopharmaceutical company. Fab’entech has been specialized for the past five years in the treatment of emerging infectious diseases.

  • Mooncard is a fintech that reinvents the banking experience and payment of SMEs by offering a Mastercard (c), combined with an artificial intelligence analysis software.

  • MULANN is an actor developing quality control solutions for the smart card and ticketing industry.

  • Reuniwatt offers Solutions for Photovoltaic Production, Climate Information Systems and Energy Mix.

  • Agroecological robot, Vitirover is a robot lawnmower to control the grinding of vines and agriculture.

  • Geolid
  • Specialist in the publishing of local advertising solutions on the Internet.

  • Pneu Wyz
  • The PneuWYZ website was designed from the start to facilitate the work of fleet managers. Centralized monitoring enables its customers to know the tires expenses at any time, and to control and guide them (number of tires per vehicle per year, brands, etc.) in order to optimize their costs.

  • is the leader of courier services in Paris operating in the industries of luxury brands, fashion and press offices.

  • Coste Architecture
  • The Coste agency designs equipment throughout France and abroad. Their buildings, schools, stadiums and swimming pools are creative, innovative and interact with the environment.

  • Egis
  • Engineering and consulting in the areas of transport, urban planning, construction, industry, water, the environment and energy.

  • Makazi
  • Publisher of technical solutions in services as well as data-marketing provider.

  • Groupe Scala
  • The Scala group, a digital services company, supports its customers in transforming their organizations. Scala provides an integrated offer of advice and services for IT infrastructure, cloud and software business applications.

  • Efia Consulting
  • Specialist in acoustic measurement, supported by a software solution of measurement extension.

  • People in action
  • Consulting firm in information systems specialising in user experience and innovative applications.

  • Cap-Digital
  • Competitiveness cluster for digital contents, classified as a non-profit organisation under the law of 1901. 500 members currently trust it in their R&D projects.

  • Groupe Quietude
  • Specialist in the design and management of catering services for the markets of tourism and the elderly.

  • Sedona
  • Sedona is a pioneer consultancy firm in designing and implementing digital and multichannel strategies in marketing and sales professions.

  • Dwého offers a house cleaning service. Since 2007, Dwého selects her housekeepers carefully to guarantee a personalized quality service.

  • Malakoff Médéric is a joint social protection group. It is the result of the merger, on 30 June 2008, of the Malakoff group and the Médéric group.

  • Believe Digital
  • Since 2004, Believe Digital has been the first independent distributor of digital services. The company has developed its own technology and a digital supply chain in order to maximize the value of music in a global manner (management of royalties, label etc.)

  • Adents
  • Adents, a software publisher specialising in traceability and unit identification based in France (Massy and Lyon), the United States (Princeton) and Canada (Montreal).

  • Anevia
  • Supplier of software structures for Triple-Play video services – IPTV, Video-on-demand, Catch-Up TV and network PVR.


  • Predicsis
  • Machine learning solution that allows for better predicting consumer behaviour.

  • Footways
  • Publisher of web-accessible software solutions to control and reduce water pollution from agricultural effluents.


  • Motwin
  • Publisher of software for the development and operation of mobile applications.

  • Octipas
  • Multimedia and multi-platform gift list services for e-shops.

  • w4
  • Publisher of Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions.

  • Udcast
  • Leader in IP solutions for wireless networks around the world.

  • Maeglin Software
  • Publisher of service software that allows for the online storage and sharing of mobile contents.

  • 6Wind
  • Publisher of embedded software that improves the performance of multicore network equipment.


  • Contextor
  • Contextor is the European leader in design and integration of innovative software solutions for the performance of increased interactions in real time.

  • Entourage connects residents to help rebuild in their neighborhood, a benevolent circle around homeless people.

  • TabMo is a market leader in mobile advertising.

  • Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma develops, breves and markets products for the health of the eye and eyelid.

  • Nosopharm is an Innovative Junior Biotechnology Company dedicated to the research and development of new anti-infectious drugs.

  • is a company founded in 2017 that develops immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

  • An innovative biopharmaceutical company, Fab’entech has been specialized for the past five years in the treatment of emerging infectious diseases.

  • ManRos Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops molecules in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, neurodegenerative diseases and polycystic kidney disease.

  • Gimv
  • An independent investment company listed in Euronext Brussels, it operates mainly in the European market. Gimv specialises in private equity and venture capital.


  • Idinvest
  • With over 3.5 billion euros managed, Idinvest Partners is currently one of the European leaders in finance and investment in unlisted medium-sized companies.

  • Naxicap
  • Major player in investment capital in France, operating in all sectors of activity as minority or majority shareholder.

  • Innovacom
  • Providing capital innovation for digital entrepreneurs, Innovacom has invested over one billion euros in several hundred digital technology start-ups.


  • Caphorn Invest
  • Caphorn Invest is a French venture capital fund specialising in small and medium businesses and start-ups transforming traditional industries through digital technology and new applications.

  • Seventure
  • As one of the main players in European capital investment with over €600M managed, Seventure operates in the industries of information technology, communication and life sciences.

  • Sofinnova
  • Independent capital investment company that has financed almost 500 companies over the last 40 years. It mainly works in the industries of life sciences and clean energy.

  • Siparex
  • As one of the first French capital investment groups and an important partner for small and medium businesses, Siparex works in capital development/transfer and proximity/innovation capital.

  • Bpifrance works in partnership with private entities in both financing and investment. It works as a catalyst to strengthen the investment capacity of companies throughout their life cycle.

  • Generis Capital
  • Management company with the goal of providing financing to small and medium businesses in the form of a capital contribution or bonds. Generis Capital is at the crossroads between a bank and a traditional venture capital company.

  • Hi Inov
  • Hi Inov is the innovation capital investment company of the Dentressangle Initiatives Holding company. Hi Inov is dedicated to innovative companies in the growth of the digital economy, working in equity funds, alone or in syndication.

  • Midi Capital
  • Midi Capital specialises in supporting equity funds for small and medium businesses in the development phases and in the transfer of companies in industries with the strongest growth over the past 10 years.

  • Matignon
  • Since 1996, Matignon Investment has been specialising in the equity funding of growing companies along with entrepreneurs who are highly committed to the capital of their businesses.

  • Innovation Capital
  • With over €415M currently managed, Innovation Capital concentrates on venture capital in the industries of information technology and life sciences.


  • Turenne Capital
  • Specialised in supporting equity funds for growing companies, Turenne Capital has nearly €300M under its management and supports over sixty partners in their development.

  • For more than 18 years, A Plus Finance has been investing in the real economy through mainly unlisted assets. A Plus Finance has been AIFM approved since July 2014.